You/M/Na S/Ab/A – يم/ن/ى س/ا/با

Here is an excerpt from my latest project “You/M/Na S/Ab/A – يم/ن/ى س/ا/با”, presented as a work in progress, at Onomatopoeia the Music Hub (Beirut, Lebanon) on May 15, 2016. I named it (for now) “الضو حلو اليوم” (the light looks beautiful today).

You/M/Na S/Ab/A is a solo attempt at capturing circling thoughts, through prepared guitars, oud and vocals.

Visuals by Rachel Tabet
Filmed by Joe Elias
Poster designed by Joe Elias

13116311_1003192596440918_664757456480509069_o (1).jpg

YJK (a Korean/Lebanese project) live at the National Gugak Center | Seoul, South Korea

Kyungso Park (Gayageum / South Korea)
JaeHyo Chang (Percussion, Vocals / South Korea)
Youmna Saba (Oud, Guitar, Vocals / Lebanon)

September 2015



Njoum in Berlin | a recap

Just came back from Berlin, where I performed “Njoum”, with musician/producer Fadi Tabbal, at two lovely venues: Shakespeare & Sons bookstore, as part of the “Music for Dozens” series curated by Charlie Rayne, and Auf Bau Haus theatre.
Got to meet interesting musicians, visit historical places, spend quality time with lovely friends and taste amazing beer.

Thank you Berlin!

Music for Dozens #5 at Shakespeare and Sons

Music for Dozens #5 at Shakespeare & Sons


at the lovely bookstore Shakespeare & Sons (photo by Rana Rmeily)


events at the Auf Bau Haus


Njoum at the Auf Bau Haus, with Fadi Tabbal (photo by Sabine Kobayter)

Aquarium #4 & #5 | at Irtijal festival

Aquarium is a collaborative project between Fadi Tabbal and Youmna Saba (and a varying line-up of collaborators), where the two Lebanese musicians explore ambient drones and textural soundscapes, by way of prepared guitars and oud. The performances follow a specific sonic set-up, wherein both audience and musicians are surrounded by the speakers”.

We presented this project again this year, as part of the 15th edition of Irtijal festival for experimental music, in Lebanon: two sessions took place at Onomatopoeia the Music Hub, where we collaborated, respectively, with percussionist Wassim Halal, and singer Saadet Turkoz.

Videos to be uploaded soon!

festival poster

festival poster

Aquarium #5, with Saadet Turkoz

Aquarium #5, with Saadet Turkoz

article in LeCourrier (18/04/2015), by Emmanuel Haddad

article in LeCourrier (18/04/2015), by Emmanuel Haddad