1.2 seconds ago | travelling notes


I have just come back from the expedition, Sound Development City, where i worked on my projet 1.2 seconds ago. You can check all my findings and explorations (musical, sonic and visual) following this link: 1.2secondsago

1.2 Seconds Ago – Travelling Notes’ questions the environment as a key factor in the sculpting of artistic languages, whether by transmitting its own aesthetics or imposing compositional structures and patterns that are derived from natural phenomena. Based on the hypothesis that site-specific sensorial stimuli have a primordial effect on shaping artistic expressions, the project is a tune in motion: a ‘ritournelle’, composed in the city of origin (Beirut) that undergoes changes as it travels along the expedition path.

Traveling with my instrument – the oud, a sound recorder and a camera, I gathered cues of different sensorial nature that morph with the tune of origin, records each transformation as it happens. The experiment tests the effect of an atmosphere in motion – through its sensorial simulations (the harsh gravity of a steep hill, the flatness of a sandy beach etc…) – on the creation of a musical language: scales, rhythms patterns and textures are extracted from each stop, altering the songwriter and her songwriting process.



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